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Meeting all of your Metal Fabrication & Welding Needs - About Us

Harold D. Miller, Founder and PresidentMiller's Fab & Weld started in 1964 by Harold Miller who began working out of a shed that sat behind his house in Orange, Ca.  His oldest son Steve, worked with him to build up the business and went on to pass the contractors license exam for structural steel.  The business grew, so they rented a small building in Orange to work out of.

Harold's youngest son Dale, joined the company in 1970 and went on to receive a Certificate in Architecture from Santa Ana College. The company prospered, and in 1977, Miller's Fab & Weld became a California corporation.

As expansion took place, a decision to purchase a large facility where we could expand our capabilities was made, and in 1984, a facility in  Riverside was purchased. In 1994, the company 2008-03-13-0649-49 fully equipped service trucks
moved the majority of the operations to the Riverside facility, but a small few stayed behind to help run the newly rented business office and job shop in Anaheim. Dale became the managing officer on the contractor's license and managed the Riverside location specializing in structural steel, with Harold overseeing both locations.

On October 5, 2011, Harold passed away,  but his memory will never be forgotten by the many lives he touched.  With nobody left to oversee the Anaheim facility, a decision was made to close that shop and conduct all operations from the Riverside location, still serving the needs of our customers from the Orange County locations.

With 50 years of experience, Miller's Fab & Weld can meet all of your metal needs for a successful project.